Coswatt Portable EV Charger 32A 22kW 3phase


Coswatt Portable EV Charger 32A 22kW 3phase

2.8” LCD Screen – 5M Cable

Rated current: 6A-32A

Rated power: 22 Kw

Rated voltage: 380V AC

Wi-Fi + Bluetooth (Tuya Smart App.)

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Coswatt Portable EV Charger 32A 22kW 3P32A 3phase

It is a charger and Type-2 charging cable that allows electric vehicles to be charged in a 380V AC three-phase installation, by connecting to a 5x32A red socket or in a household socket (schuko) with the help of a converter adapter cable.
It is a brand and product of Cosmos Spare Parts.
It is local production.
It has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
After-sales technical service is provided.
CE, ISO, TUV, FCC, RoHS and UKCA certified.
It is compatible with all Type-2 socket electric vehicle models used in Türkiye and Europe.
Turkish user manual is sent with the device.
Depending on the OBC capacity of the electric vehicle, it can charge at 22 kW power and 32A current per hour.
Current and power values, charging time and charging status information are displayed on the 2.8” screen.
Current adjustment can be made at 8A-10A-13A-16A-32A values.
It is possible to set a delay of up to 12 hours. With delay, it is possible to set the number of hours after which charging will start.
It has a remote control feature via the application via Bluetooth and Wifi connection. (Tuya Smart)
It has many safety protections that protect the device and installation, such as leakage current, low/high voltage, overcurrent and overheating protection.
It allows the electric vehicle to be charged at high capacity without overheating, thanks to the high current resistant copper cable, heat-resistant TPU cable coating and silver-plated pins that provide electricity transfer at the vehicle input.

Socket: Type-2
Power Cord Plug: 5x32A Red Three Phase
Power: 22 kW
Cable Length: 5 meters
Device Protection Class: IP65
Type-2 Plug Protection Class: IP54
Power Cord Plug Protection Class: IP44
Bluetooth & Wifi: Yes
Snooze Setting: Yes (up to 12 hours)
Residual Current Protection: Yes (30 mA)
Low/High Voltage Protection: Yes
Voltage Surge Protection: Yes
Low/High Current Protection: Yes
Overheat Protection: Yes

NOTE: In order to be used in household sockets, a converter adapter cable must be installed and the current setting of the device must be reduced to 16A or below before connection to the vehicle. Due to the low cross-section of the cable used in household sockets, it may cause heating in the installation if used at high current settings. Maximum 16A should be selected when the converter cable is connected.
In order for the device to operate at 22 kW power, it is recommended to use a cable suitable for three-phase installation with a cross section suitable for the maximum current value of the device (3P32A). For device connection, it is recommended to install a red 5x32A three-phase socket at the end of the cable in the installation.


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